Friday, November 03, 2006

A Mysterious Survivor

This is an extremely cool "Barn Car" 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner that belongs to a guy in my SDC Chapter. The car is pretty much original and unrestored, but has a nice little surprise sitting between it's fenders. You guessed it, a Cadillac V8, of 1953 vintage, making it the famous 331. It has the LaSalle top-loader 3 speed trans. This car looks stock, pretty much sounds stock, but can blow the doors of any stock '53 Stude. (Don't get me wrong, the '53 Studes are fantastic cars)
Many pics here by Jeff Rice, and a few here by me.

This car is in great condition, considering it's spent the last 20 years under a lean-to on the coast of Georgia. This one runs great, and I got to put the first mile on it in the twenty+ years it's been off the road. I drove it around and around in the parking lot of a Stude show. The minute I parked it back into its space, the lower radiator hose CLAMP was so rusty that it actually broke; yet the hose was still OK.

The owners are going to fix this one up and drive it. Power to them! The black '62 Stude GT Hawk in the middle picture belongs to them as well.


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