Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bill Frick Special

Though not a Studillac, these cars are as closely related to Bill Frick as anything is.

Found here.

Frick, Bill (USA) Bill Frick acquired early a reputation for his sporty, Cadillac-powered creations on Ford and Studebaker bases (the so-called Fordillacs and Studillacs), as well as the Cadillac-Allard and the two Cadillacs entered at Le Mans in 1950. Bill Frick Motors of Rockville Center, Long Island, offered no catalogue creations; all cars were special order and ran a minimum of $8750. There was a 4-5 month wait (7 months for a more spectacular creation). The Frick special illustrated below is 17 feet long and 6 feet wide; it cost less than the 1956 Lincoln MKII Continental yet provided superior appointments and performance (0-60 mph in 7.2 secs.) In an article by staff writer Charles Ericson, published in Sports Cars Illustrated in May 1956, we are told that the wheel base was 114 inches; there was also a double air cleaner to lower the hood height; the interior is upholstered in unborn calf hide; hardware is German silver; the car has a wood-rimmed 18ΒΌ-inch diameter. steering wheel; the Stewart Warner instruments have faces by Vignale; they include a clock, speedometer, tachometer, oil temp. and pressure gauge, water temp. gauge, manifold vacuum and fuel gauge. Frick Specials weighed from 3600 to 3800 lbs. The article cited mentions another Bill Frick special 4-pass coupe with sliding roof, in the making in 1956, with an Eldorado motor coupled to a 4-speed, manual, Pont-a-Mousson gearbox and Hi-Tork rear end [see Dream Cars section for 1957]. (SCI, 5/56)


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