Friday, February 02, 2007

Another one comes to light...

Mr. Jim Wasik sent in the following story and pictures...

Hi, I saw your blog and was going to offer the MI article but you have it posted. I had a '53 with a Hydramatic which I repalced with a LaSalle side shift using Corvette linkage complete with floor plate and ashtray. I killed the Caddie racing a guy with a 37 plymouth powered by an Olds J-2. I replaced the Cad with a reworked 58 Chevy 348 tri-power. It was a very quick mover and I had many surprised street challengers. This was circa 1960. The Stude met an untimely death when I was T-Boned and the frame got bent. My buddies and I had a lot of great times with the car and I certainly wish I had it today. If I can find the files I'll send some pictures.

Best Wishes,
Jim Wasik

And the pictures...


At 2:19 PM, Blogger John H said...

I just received a picture of my old pal !1953 Studillac , built by Durhan Body of Princton NJ. I sold this lady back in 1968, and was hoping to see it again some time. Well it is alive and well down in New hope Pa. .The fellow I sold it to still has it stored, and sent me some photos.
I would love to buy it back ! It has 1957 Golden Hawk rear fender look alikes, and is all chrome under the hood, with a few other modification. Any body know anything more on this conversion ?
Are there any Studillacs for sale out there ?


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