Saturday, October 24, 2009

"The Mysterious Survivor" has new ownership

One of the first postings on this site were about a red/white '53 Studillac that some friends of mine found in a barn in Brunswick, GA. They got the car running, and interest went towards other projects. Wanting to find the car a new home, they ended up trading the car to my Uncle, Mitchell Pair, for a '56 Sky Hawk that he had 90% restored. He had always wanted a hot rod '53, but settled on the Hawk when it came up for sale a few years back. So now he has the car he's always wanted. 

The car hasn't changed at all since my first posting. Mitchell is trying to decide what cool, '60's style wheels and tires to run on the car. It's driveable as-is, but has plenty of little things to keep him busy for a while, as he sorts it all out. But, until then, it's certainly one very cool car. 

We are trying our best to verify the car as a Frick built Studillac. There's a million things that point it to be a real one, but nothing that actually says "Yea, Frick did this". So until then, the mystery continues as we search the world over for more clues.

I am preparing an article on the car for a future "Turning Wheels" story. As soon as it's published, I will also post the story on here. We have found out quite a bit on the car recently. It's worth the wait.

Update- long overdue.

Having been over two years since I last updated this site, there has been some new information come to light in the world of Studillacs. 

First, I'd like to thank Richard Quinn for sending me a photo of former Bob Bee's Studillac. This car was stripped down to the bare frame, and the chassis was restored and shown at Studebaker meets. I'd be interested in any photos of this car or chassis that anyone has. The current location of this car is unknown to me, unfortunately.

Notice in the picture, you can clearly see the "Studillac" emblem on the front fender. I have been trying to find one of those emblems to purchase or borrow in order to have replicas made.